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Jack LeDuc is an American country music singer and songwriter. 

One of the songs he penned in the early 90’s,  climbed to number 25 on the independent charts.


Over the years he has been successful in both his full time career in transportation and singing. Not only does Jack have his own unique, powerful voice he has the ability to sing for hours on end, effortlessly and does justice in covering other artist songs.

In 2015, Jack started up his tribute show along side an Elvis impersonator calling their act the Two Kings Tribute and to date continues to sell out his George Strait Tribute Show year after year.


Fully retired now from his businesses and having property on both the east and west coast, Jack is now able to travel and reach out to more audiences.

This full blown realistic George Strait experience is climbing Jack to be the top”George Strait Tribute” act in the nation.


His normal 120 minute tribute show is packed full of 30+ number one hits and always leaving the audience wanting more.


Jack does an outstanding tribute to George Strait and his talented band out of Nashville and Las Vegas, has the ability to play the music with the note for note style the audience expects to hear.

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